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4 WAYS TO SHARE IDEAS| You should know that your ideas and vision should of course first be applied to be your benefit. when you allow others to tap your ideas to create their own prosperity, it means you launch a cascade of unpredictable but wondrous benefits for yourself as well.

However, the winding ways of consciousness and human relations are complex and hard to predict, but inevitable, when you become the source for the good of many others, you will become far richer for it.

  • Mentoring: Mentor is someone whose hindsight becomes your foresight and it is the act of fostering the development of someone else’s knowledge in an area in which you have experience.  Mentors are crucial to schools, businesses, the arts, politics virtually every endeavour of life. A mentor is in a position of trust that can shape the lives of both mentor and mentee for the better. By sharing your ideas in this ways, you are going the ‘teach a man to fish’ they can be also wiser and more capable of became mentored themselves.
  • Hiring: Very simply, you start a business and eventually you hire some people to help you run it. Now, when you hire workers from the community, you’re not just providing a salary. you are giving people direction and pride, sharing your knowledge on how to do things, and help stimulate the local material economy. So this means that all employers should embark on encouraging their people to learn all they can and then leave to start their own enterprises, as well as enrich local life and the local economy.
  • Teaching: This is a situation whether you’re teaching business or finance at a college, or teaching young people or single mothers how to sew clothing or do word processing at a job centre, teaching is the most direct way to pass on your mental capital to as large a group as possible. While mentoring trends to be one-on-one, teaching can be one-on-one-hundred, a ratio that allows your knowledge to deliver the greatest possible impact. Teaching is among the noblest of occupations.
  • Incubating: The process of helping others bring their business ideas to life, so-called incubators are simply an environment where entrepreneurs come together with mentors and resources to turn their ideas into companies. What a wonderful and divine way to pass on mental capital, by assisting others in using their abilities as creators.
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