Ways of Surviving Failure

Ways of Surviving Failure | What you need to know if you encounter failure and Ways of Surviving. It is easy to see how one attitude can be empowering while the other can be destructive. Failure comes into our orbit to remind us who we can be and mark the path for all we must do to evolve and grow into a possible solution.




However, failure should not be cursed or avoided but welcomed as opportunities to grow and become more enlightened. we learn great things during failure as in it awaken us to our wrong thinking and allow us to discover our true selves by stripping away falsehood and comfortable mediocrity.

How many times has failure led you to make changes that bred success in the future? and how often have you learned from something in which you succeeded?

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The only way is that don’t become helpless or paralyzed in the face of failure, such as a lost job, i.e (learned optimism and learned helplessness), helplessness is a choice, not destiny.

Three most important things we learn from “learned optimism” and “learned helplessness” :


  • Impersonal: You see the cause of the failureHow t as something outside your control. sometimes, things happen
  • Isolated: The failure does not affect all areas of life. Failure in one area says nothing about your ability to triumph in others
  • Impermanent: The failure is temporary and in the future, and you know you can and will learn and do better


  • Personal: You decide you are responsible for what happened, no matter what caused the failure
  • Pervasive: You see failure as indicative of what happens in all areas of your life
  • Permanent: You are resigned to the idea that you will never change and are condemned to this sort of failure again and again.



Changing perception changes destiny: It is a way of realising that we must abandon old patterns of thinking and face obstacles and that we have the divine will to do so abruptly reorders the path of any life into a new configuration.

The mental intention is continuous: As long as the mind is alive, the power of the I Am is constant, always shaping destiny. The incredible effect of personal empowerment and facing obstacles reveals this to us. As soon as a person begins thinking more empowered thoughts, beneficial manifestations start taking shape.

Obstacles indicate the opportunity for incoming good fortune. Much of our trouble with times of struggle lies in our attitude toward them. We think of hard periods as times to be avoided, and we resent them as unwelcome visitors when instead we should hail them as harbingers of good things to come. As thousands of successful entrepreneurs have said for centuries, failure is often the gateway to greater success and happiness. It is an important step on the road to enlightenment to recognize and appreciates the importance and value of obstacles as signposts of our spiritual maturity if we choose to follow them.

Failure reminds us of this and also evoke this quality in us. When we read of men or women who have endured years of trials and tribulations and losses only to rise again each time, we know we are witnessing lives of pure gold live we should strive to emulate.

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