5 Things you cannot share to others
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5 Things you cannot share to others | Talking about information, If you reveal your secrets to the wind you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. information or ideas bring value to the people who are coming to you for knowledge. Business ideas, life wisdom, how-to instructions, advice on personal improvement. Read through

  • PERSONAL SECRETS: such as private information between a husband and wife, are no one else’s business unless you are express in the business of counselling people on marriage or relationships. It is wiser to use a general example rather than sharing deeply personal information that could prove humiliating or painful to someone else.


  • GOSSIP: Now, gossip is one thing you know that is more than falsehood, It is venomous exaggeration compounded by malice and ignorance and it can also bring damage to relationships, destroy friendships, and wreck credibility. If you pass along gossip, you may soon find yourself cut off from the flow of all information because no one feels he or she can trust you.

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  • SWORN SECRETS: Do not break a vow of confidentiality in order to share information with someone, no matter what the circumstances. First, you may be under legal prohibition, and if you reveal facts you have sworn to keep secret, you may find yourself standing before an earthly judge. However, violating personal confidences has the same corrosive effect as gossip: no one will trust you.


  • FALSEHOODS: we will discuss two different kinds of falsehood that you can avoid passing along to others. The first is false information that you know to be false but share because you want to impress people. The second is that false information that is hearsay but you share despite knowing that it is of a dubious nature. by so doing it will damage your reputation as a source of reliable information.


  • UNWISE  ADVICE: Giving others counsel on choices that are unsafe, unlawful, or unethical is always unwise. Your guiding star as a mental capitalist should always be to pass along wisdom and guidance to live a life in accordance with spiritual values and with lawful conduct that benefits the community.


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