The list of State and Local Government in Algeria
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The list of State and Local Government in Algeria

This page contain the list of State and Local Government in Algeria, How many Local Government in Algeria, How to identify Algerian citizen. Algeria Language, Carefully read through.

Algeria is one of the countries in Africa, The main aim of this page is to know the state and local government in Algeria.

In Algeria, These are two separate things, Culture and race do not coincide with speaking a particular language. Language and Communication are important. less than ten per cent of the African Population speak European Languages. There are two (2) languages spoken in Algeria, Modern Standard Arabic and Tamazight (Berber).

However, In Algeria, one language, Tamazight (Berber), has been adopted as the National Language while Algerian Arabic as been their Native language but 150,000 people spoke French as a first language and 6.5 million spoke French as a second language.

List of State in Algeria

Click Any State Below To Know Local Govt;

  • Adrar Click Here
  • Algier – Click Here 
  • AnnabaClick Here
  • BatnaClick Here
  • BecharClick Here
  • BejaiaClick Here
  • BiskraClick Here
  • BlidaClick Here
  • Bordj Bou ArreridjClick Here
  • BouiraClick Here
  • ChlefClick Here
  • ConstantineClick Here
  • DjelfaClick Here
  • El BayadhClick Here
  • GhardaiaClick Here
  • GuelmaClick Here
  • IlliziClick Here
  • JijelClick Here
  • LaghouatClick Here
  • M’silaClick Here
  • MascaClick Here
  • MostaganemClick Here
  • NaamaClick Here
  • OranClick Here
  • OuarglaClick Here
  • Oum El BouaghiClick Here
  • SaidaClick Here
  • SetifClick Here
  • Sidi Bel AbbesClick Here
  • SkikdaClick Here
  • Souk AhrasClick Here
  • TamanghassetClick Here
  • TebessaClick Here
  • TiaretClick Here
  • TindoufClick Here 
  • Tizi OuzouClick Here
  • TlemcenClick Here

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Education in Algeria

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