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Portal List of Grant 2022/Apply Here

Portal List of Grant 2022| This article contain the List of National and International Grant 2022, How to fill grant application form, What is Grant, How to get grant from International organization, A person can apply and get grant from another country, If HE/SHE can follow the below directive.


A grant is a fund, i.e financial assistance, given by an entity – often a public body, charitable foundation, or a specialised grant-making institution – to an individual or another entity for a specific purpose linked to public benefit. Unlike loans, grants are not to be paid back.

If you are looking for a grant from National or International body, that you want to raise your existing or to set up a business to standard, apply one of them below, However, You need to check the Requirement, Procedure, and eligibility before proceed.

What you need to know:

February 2022:

March 2022:

April 2022:

May 2022:

JUNE 2022:

The List of National and International Grant 2021:

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