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MIT & Black Public Media Fellowship (Up To $7,500 Honorarium)/ How To Apply

MIT & Black Public Media Fellowship 2021 has commence, How to register for MIT & Black Public Media Fellowship, Requirement and Benefit of the program, nature of application and other details, Read through.

Black Public Media (BPM), MIT Open Documentary Lab (ODL), and MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (MIT CAST) created this fellowship to support Black creatives who use emerging technologies as their nonfiction, storytelling mediums.

It is designed to support a Black filmmaker, artist, journalist, or creative technologist, who uses emerging technology to make nonfiction experiences. The mission of the Fellowship is to encourage and develop the emerging-tech storytelling skills of a Black maker and connect the Fellow to MIT Open Documentary Lab’s network of storytellers, scholars, and technologists.

MIT & Black Public Media Fellowship open for those who are interested in engaging creatively and critically with emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and/or using older technologies, such as 3D animation, projections, or motion capture, in novel or new ways. The Fellow will join an interdisciplinary, international, and collaborative community composed of other fellows, faculty, researchers, and students and will engage in a rich exchange with them.


  • A $7,500 honorarium after the first 30 days of the fellowship. This payment is dependent on completion of all MIT and Black Public Media contracts and agreements. Payments may be made to individuals only, not to their companies.
  • Access to MIT’s community of artists, scholars, and technologists
  • Access to Black Public Media’s community of Black filmmakers and creative technologists
  • Ability to audit one (1) MIT course [requires permission of the instructor]. If a Fellow wants to audit an MIT class, they should choose the course as soon as they are selected, because classes begin on the September 8th.
  • Access to MIT’s library system and other online resources
  • Receive a potential showcase of the maker and/or the maker’s project at a Black Public Media event. If the prototype or finished production were an augmented reality app, a VR experience, or an AI app, for example, BPM could help drive traffic to the maker’s project or help recommend exhibition opportunities. Black Public Media has screened AR/VR experiences for more than 650 people since 2018. Introducing the world of spatial computing and other emerging storytelling technologies to Black creatives is a major focus of the BPMplus Program.


  • Applicants may not be enrolled as part-time or full-time students while completing the Fellowship from September 2021 to May 2022.
  • Applicants must be 18 and above.


  • Start the fellowship on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, in order to participate in the orientation for the new cohort of OpenDocLab Fellows.
  • Attend online project presentations by ODL Fellows every Tuesday at 10 AM ET/2 pm UTC. [Mandatory attendance]
  • Attend online guest lectures at noon ET on Tuesdays. [Mandatory attendance]
  • Attend ODL workshops and meetings on a range of topics, from co-creation to augmented reality and public space. [Optional attendance] ​
  • Present your project idea to the ODL community.
  • Deliver a Fellowship Project proposal, prototype, or rough cut to Black Public Media in March for PitchBlack 2022.
  • Present your Fellowship Project to the Black Public Media community at PitchBlack 2022 in April. (Please note that this might be a live, in-person pitch.)
  • Deliver a proposal, prototype, or rough cut to MIT CAST by May 2022. (You may use the same materials you submitted to BPM in March)

How To Apply:

Submit your application online on or before Sunday, August 8, 2021, at 9 PM ET. The Fellow(s) will be announced by early September 2021.

Apply Here

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