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Location of Ilorin International Airport 

Ilorin International Airport | This article stands as a guide to travellers on how to locate the Ilorin International Airport as well as knowing the time of arrivals and departures of flight to other countries. Book your flight at Ilorin International Airport for your smooth movement and safe arrival.

The capacity of Ilorin International Airport including the terminal buildings and the 3,000-metre runway have an annual passenger capacity of 900,000. The construction of a reception hall, large parking space, restaurant, Hotel are in progress, meanwhile moving to and fro the airport environment is controlled by the security agencies.

The named Ilorin International Airport is given and approved by the Government of Kwara state

The entire facilities of the airport are managed and operated by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN). the airport terminal contains both international and domestic flights. but domestic travels is put to function.

The location indicator and identifier code:


Location:  Ilorin, a city in Kwara State of Nigeria.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday 6:30 am–9 pm

Airlines and destinations

Airlines Destinations
Arik Air Abuja
Overland Airways Abuja, Lagos


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