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List of Localities in Biskra Algeria

List of Localities in Biskra Algeria

The main aim of this page is to know the localities that makeup of Biskra province, Biskra of Algeria, At the end of reading this article, what you need to know about Biskra Province is here in full details. Focus attention and read through.

Biskra is one of the provinces of Algeria. they are many districts and municipalities that build up Biskra province, Biskra languages (French and Arabic) many other languages.

List of 12 Districts and 33 municipalities in Biskra

List of 12 Districts are:

  1. Biskra
  2. Djemourah
  3. Foughala
  4. El Kantara
  5. El Outaya
  6. M’Chouneche
  7. Ouled Djellal
  8. Ourlal
  9. Sidi Khaled
  10. Sidi Okba
  11. Tolga
  12. Zeribet El Oued

The municipalities are:

  1. Aïn Naga
  2. Aïn Zaatout
  3. Biskra
  4. Bordj Ben Azzouz
  5. Bouchagroune
  6. Branis
  7. Chetma
  8. Djemorah
  9. Doucen
  10. El Feidh
  11. El Ghrous
  12. El Hadjeb
  13. El Haouch
  14. El Kantara
  15. El Outaya
  16. Foughala
  17. Khenguet Sidi Nadjil
  18. Lichana
  19. Lioua
  20. M’Chouneche
  21. Mekhadma
  22. Meziraa
  23. M’Lili
  24. Ouled Djellal
  25. Ouled Harkat
  26. Ouled Rahma
  27. Ouled Sassi
  28. Oumache
  29. Ourlala
  30. Sidi Khaled
  31. Sidi Okba
  32. Tolga
  33. Zeribet El Oued

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