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List of Localities in Bechar Algeria

List of Localities in Bechar Algeria

The main aim of this page is to know the localities that make up of Bechar one of the states in Algeria, At the end of reading this article, what you need to know about Bechar Province is here in full details. Focus attention and read through.

Bechar is the second populated province in Algeria. they are two notable languages (Berber and Arabic) many other languages like Songhay,  Korandje Etc.

Historically, he region also supported a substantial mainly Arab pastoralist nomadic population, notably the Doui-Menia, Ouled Djerir, Ghenanma, Chaamba, and Reguibat; some of these still remain nomadic, but most have settled in the oases.]

List of 12 District  and 21 municipalities in Bechar

  1. Abadla
  2. Béchar
  3. Béni Abbès
  4. Béni Ounif
  5. El Ouata
  6. Igli
  7. Kénadsa
  8. Kerzaz
  9. Lahmar
  10. Ouled Khodeïr
  11. Tabelbala
  12. Taghit

The municipalities are:

  1. Abadla
  2. Béchar
  3. Beni Abbes
  4. Beni Ikhlef
  5. Beni Ounif
  6. Boukais
  7. El Ouata
  8. Erg Ferradj
  9. Igli
  10. Kenadsa
  11. Kerzaz
  12. Ksabi
  13. Lahmar
  14. Mechraa Houari Boumedienne
  15. Meridja
  16. Mogheul
  17. Ouled Khoudir
  18. Tabelbala
  19. Taghit
  20. Tamtert
  21. Timoudi

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