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How To Obtain NPF Tinted Permit 

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How To Obtain NPF Tinted Permit

First of all, this article contains all that you need to do before getting your car tint and secure as well as free movement from security officers in and outside the state. Here are the instruction, paper requirement and online registration.

You drive tinted glass vehicle only with these two reasons according to the law:

  • Security reasons
  • Medical reasons

In Nigeria, once you registered and obtain a tinted permit is forever (No renewal No expiring date)

The function of Tinted Glass Vehicle

  • limitation of ultraviolet light transmission through windows
  • It reduces overall heat 
  • Prevention of heat energy
  • Etc.

Do you want to obtain a tinted permit or you want your car to be tint, If yes Follow the instruction and you will get it done.

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  • About Nigeria Police Force  Click Here
  • Past and Present Inspector General of Police (IGP) Click Here
  • Nigeria Police Address By State Click Here
  • Police State Emergency Number by State Command Click Here
  • Police Academy in Nigeria Click Here



Go to www.npf.gov.ng/tinted

  • Fill the Application form to obtain an Application ID
  • Complete the application process by logging in with email provided and the Application ID shown below
  • Complete the Bio-Data form when logged-in and provide the details of the vehicle you want to obtain a tinted permit
  • Take the print-out to any police Command, to capture your biometrics and collection of your tinted Permit Certificate\

NOTE: Tinted Permit is issued to Motor vehicle with factory fitted Tinted glass only


  • Vehicle license
  • Proof of Ownership


If you need our update or current information concerning the NPF TINTED PERMIT, kindly provide us with your phone number and Email Address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask any question pertaining to this guide.

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