How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos
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How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos if you have YouTube channel. If this is the case, you may be looking for ways to get a lot of views. YouTube videos receive over 1.5 billion views per day, according to statistics. One viewer spends more than an hour on this platform on average. If your view counts are too low, we recommend following this simple guide to growing your channel.

1. Encourage your current viewers to subscribe.

Your current viewers are an excellent source of video views for your future videos. As a result, you should persuade them to subscribe to your channel. Once they subscribe, your view counts will gradually increase.

All you have to do is request that they subscribe to your channel. It’s also a good idea to include a call to action in your videos. You should also include a subscription link in your video descriptions for better search engine rankings.

2. Ask your Viewer’s about what they want to see

You will receive very few views if you create videos that do not appeal to your viewers. So, what you should do is poll your audience to see what they want to see. In fact, uploading content that your audience enjoys is a great way to increase viewership and keep your audience’s attention.

3. Make Use of Playlists to Increase Your Watch Time

According to YouTube statistics, top channels on the platform have a large number of playlists. Actually, these companies understand the significance of auto-play. When the content is good, people will just keep watching videos as they auto-play.

4. Make use of cards and end screens

You can direct your viewers to other great content by using end screens and cards. Cards function similarly to pop-ups that appear during playback. End-screens, on the other hand, appear when your video ends.

5. Create SEO Titles and Descriptions

People won’t be able to watch your videos if they can’t find them. In other words, you must use the best SEO strategies to make your content search engine friendly. So, when creating titles and descriptions, you should include potential keywords. Make certain that the keywords are appropriate for your videos.

You can create a list of useful keywords for your video descriptions using Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

6. Use Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Most people scan rather than read content. Similarly, before pressing the play button on YouTube, they scroll through the list of videos. So, make sure your video thumbnails are interesting. Using auto-generated thumbnails is not a good idea. Custom thumbnails should be used instead.

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In summary, if you want your videos to get a lot of views, we recommend that you follow the advice in this article. With these tips, you’ll be able to grow your channel and gain a lot more subscribers than before. I hope this was helpful.

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